Weddings are ON, worried about skin problems


It’s the dawn of the festive season which means, a season of Smiles, Sweets and Smoke! Unfortunately, there are moments in a festive season that none can say no to – or stay away from. That implies, one needs to up their skincare game. For, it’s not just about prevention but a lot about care and treatment as well that one needs to be good with, in the festive phase.

Dussehra, Diwali, Dhanteras, Christmas and then, New Year. With such a long line-up of celebrations that we cannot stay away from – what you can stay close to is a skincare routine that can shield your skin from damage. Surely, the festive season calls for stepping out often, meeting and indulging with friends and family; traditionally we consider it not-so-polite to deny invitations during the festive season, right? Along the way, we end up indulging ourselves in sweets, oily snacks, late-night sleep routines – all of which take a toll on the health of the skin. So how about being honest with yourself?

Caring Compounds can support and enhance your skincare routine with its products that are safe, sustainable, and most importantly honest, delivering to you blends that are fresh, organic, and are (Good Manufacturing Practices) GMP-certified.

So here are ways to keep your skincare routine defined and during the season of festivities:

Understand your skin

It all starts with knowing your skin and its needs. Is your skin dry or oily. Is it prone to issues like scaly textures, breakouts, unevenness, boils, blemishes, etc. This is crucial as it helps in identifying the right treatment.

Keep the sun away

No matter your skin-type, it only helps to keep yourself away from the sun. The Indian skin-type is rich in melanin, which makes it easily prone to tanning. Go for an oil-free, lightweight sunscreen that can solve skin problems such as everyday stress of urban lifestyle, climatic changes, fine lines and of course, harsh sun. The Caring Compounds Anti-Pollution Day Detox water has been formulated just for that, and with complete honesty.

Stay hydrated

One of the simplest ways to keep the skin hydrated is drinking water, often. It’s a habit that we undermine the most, but then this habit works wonders in keeping the skin from looking dry. If water is not something you’d like to sip often, go for fresh juices. The key to a healthy, hydrated skin is to flush out toxins that can steal the natural glow.

Go organic

Staying true and honest to yourself can do wonders. One of the easiest ways to embrace honesty – at least for your own self – is not using skincare products that can cause harm to your skin. Adopt clean, chemical-free, and organic solutions. It’s your skin, and the largest and the most visible part of your body. So, our honest advice to you would be to stay away from products that contain propylene, butylene glycols, petroleum, parabens, silicones, artificial colors, and sulphates.

Be honest, for your own sake!

While these are ways to make a part of your skincare routine, let’s tell you what you should avoid, considering you will be obligated to indulge, often against your own wish during the festive season. So whether you are a mom or a youngster, adhere to these tips for your skin’s health and happiness during the festive season.

Avoid excess make-up: Looking pretty is a need on the days of festivals. But putting yourself through skin-harming creams, foundation, styling products, etc. can cause too much harm. Most of all, not removing or cleansing your skin can aggravate the damage.

Avoid sugar: It’s a substance known to suppress the activity of white blood cells and is prone to infections. It’s known to cause damage by breaking down good proteins – a trigger for faster-ageing of skin. So bingeing on high-sugar sweets and oily snacks can cause excessive dryness and fine lines. Be careful of what you eat!

Stay away from smoke / pollution: Excessive exposure to environmental smoke can damage the skin by making it dry, even leading to boils, rashes, and acne. To avoid this from happening, wash your body well after the celebrations to trigger any damage smoke causes.

No to cigarettes and alcohol: Cigarettes interfere with blood supply to the skin. Alcohol can flush our hydration from the skin, dehydrating it. Now you know why you should avoid cigarettes and alcohol for your good.

Summing up: Set a skincare routine for festive season

 Cleanse: Washing your face with a cleanser removes dirt, impurities, and makeup residue. Wash your face with cold or lukewarm water, ideally.

Exfoliate: Over time, the skin gets collected with dead skin cells making it a barrier for any creams or moisturizers to penetrate and work well. Use a face scrub to naturally exfoliate any dead skin cells. Exfoliate with a face scrub once a week. Do not overdo, as too much scrubbing can cause more harm to the skin.

Moisturize: Whatever your skin-type, don’t forget to moisturize. It keeps the face glowing, hydrated, and good-looking.

Sun Block: Use a good sunscreen. It blocks harmful rays of the sun from causing major skin-damage in the long run.

Remember, whatever keeps you busy in life, there’s one person you should always be honest with: Yourself.


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