Demand for the nutraceuticals ?

We are moving towards Nutraceuticals

Health has become one of the most important concern in the present era after the outbreak of Covid-19. Health care systems have improved significantly in the past few years and led to increase in the cost of medical care. Industrialization and increasing population has led to huge rise in the pollution load, which led to increase in the incidence of various types of issues  in the human body. Pollution, food habits and lifestyle affected the immune system of the human substantially and made them more prone to attack by different bacteria and viruses. It is difficult for a common person in the present era to afford the medical expenses and so a preventive approach is essential to avoid the incidence of various diseases and to remain fit and healthy.

While pharmaceutical ingredients follow the problem-solution approach, it nutraceuticals works on repairing metabolic pathways of the body. The primary purpose of pharmaceutical drugs is to provide symptomatic relief, while the of nutraceuticals is to fix the internal process that lead to a health condition. In this regard, nutraceuticals are preventive while pharmaceuticals are curative.

The nutraceutical approach to health relies on identifying the deficiencies in the human body that are causing symptoms or may result in diseases in the future. These deficiencies are subsequently fulfilled by supplying the human body with these chemicals through synthesis or extraction as exact copies to those that are found in nature,  so they usually are much less expensive.

Pharmaceuticals require prescription of a licensed doctor for being bought. The alternative of health supplements happens to be a choice of individual. They are traded with no restrictions at grocery stores, health food stores, national discount chains, drug stores, mail-order & Internet. There are not any firm laws for the regulation of governing health supplements. Nearly any person can arrange a health supplement, alert the Food & Drugs Administration & place it in the marketplace.

Nutraceuticals, on the other hand, consist of products that are produced, purified or extracted out of vegetables or animal sources, which are proven to have physiological benefits or prevention/protection against any chronic disease. Examples of nutraceuticals includes antioxidants from blueberries, fish oils, and dried plants extracts. Nutraceuticals are also referred as functional foods as and when they provide therapeutic benefits in addition to the basic nutrition. Major differentiating factor in case of ‘pharmaceuticals’ from ‘nutraceuticals’ is that the former is meant for curing of the diseases while the later one was meant for prevention of diseases.

Demand for the nutraceuticals are increasing day by day. In many of the situations, adequate amount of nutrition cannot be achieved by the only consumption of the routine diet. Higher pollution load in the present environment  also deteriorates the health of the human beings and nutraceuticals can repair the damage to an extent. Some factors that leads to the increasing demands include higher cost of the pharmaceutical drugs, hesitancy of certain insurance companies in covering the cost of drugs, increased health consciousness of the public, advancements in the field of research and technology, widening of the global market place, ageing population, increasing popularity due to science based evidence. People nowadays prefer nutraceutricals in order to reduce the side effects out of the consumption of pharmaceuticals drugs.

Safety Aspects:-

Even though nutraceuticals have several positive health effects, some of the components within it can have toxic effects, which may create problems in the body. It is easy to establish the safety rather than determining the efficacy. Some Manufacturing companies make false claims without proper study or evidence on the efficacy and safety. There is lack of proper clinical studies establishing the clear evidence of nutraceuticals in curing / preventing the diseases. So, still research to is required to claim on safety aspects.

Therefore, functional foods, which are having the ability to prevent or treat the diseases, are called nutraceuticals. They act as an alternative to pharmaceuticals for treatment of diseases with minimum side –effects. Increased cost of health care systems and health-consciousness in the public had led people to divert more towards nutraceuticals. Lack of scientifically proven health benefits and safety aspects are the major problems that hinders the wide scale use of nutraceuticals. More studies and trials will help in developing confidence among the customers for consuming more nutraceuticals.

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