Future skincare growth ?

Future skincare growth

Indian skin care growth to be double in future

At the initial phase of COVID-19, people experienced a need for prevention and safety. As the pandemic moved, there emerged several health-related problems like increased stress, depressive tiredness, depression, and more which affected the skincare.

Instead of regularly exfoliating their skin to reach that glow, consumers are now inclined to boost the barrier instead and as healthful ageing and longevity increase popularity, we’re noticing a change from youth-centric beauty products to better brands making space for customers of all ages. The trend in the skincare industry is barely new.

It is essential to know all the skincare trends, it is also vital to be knowledgeable and familiar about the skincare industry. The surge in skincare range can be attributed to:

  • Growing understanding about skin infections and available preventive and corrective actions
  • Raised hygiene and health consciousness among customers
  • More men welcoming skincare regimens. Most of the men have included skincare routines.
  • Raised number of women requiring anti-ageing products is an important part of the skincare regime
  • Creating skincare products with organic ingredients for care and improvement of healthful skin.

Usage of moisturisers, cleansers, and other maintenance products and therapies saw significant growth in 2020-2021. The trend is predicted to continue throughout 2022. Consumers utilised the lock down to explore new products. The skincare market is also encountering a market for anti-ageing repair products likes face, eye, and anti-wrinkle cream.

Skincare ingredients: Chemical or natural?

Consumers are frequently looking for Eco-friendly, ethically tagged skincare products. The demand for cruelty-free products is thus driving the market for plant-based products. Customers prefer plant-based and Vitamin C-based organic elements in their products. Overall, the skincare market is encountering a demand for natural/organic products. On average, over 83% of customers are purchasing natural skin care products.

Skincare Industry Trend

Rather, people tested with different skincare regimens to recognise the best routine for their skin. That not only reduced makeup uses but also birthed multi-usable beauty products. The products that enable consumers to spend limited time on their skincare routine are a new shift for people on the go.

Youngsters hugely contribute to the revenue of the skincare industry. Since they notice all these trends that they want to maintain up with. An average of  buyers is likely to trust a brand based on having an Instagram account. A brand that is on social media and engages with its customers is active and shows reviews, and feedback looks more honest. Therefore, individuals are more likely to buy from such a brand than a brand, not social media.

Out of every four buyers, one is more likely to buy from Eco-friendly brands. This trend is on the rise as customers now want to support Eco-friendly brands. Therefore, brands that care about the environment are more possible to rise over the years as people become more aware of the significance of environmental safety. When buying skincare products or getting on trends consumer confirm that the products are from a reliable source and are suitable for your skin type.

Additional growing trend is personalised skincare with brands customised skincare products as per their customers. Usually, consumers express their skin issues or respond to an online quiz further to which the brand makes a beauty product that caters to the requirements of that specific consumer.

Brand transparency

Skincare brands are evident in their products formulations. It’s not uncommon for brands to emphasise what’s in a formula, in what ratio, why it’s there, and what the customer can hope from it. Of course, consumers desire to be more educated about the products they’re consuming.


Noticing that brand transparency is key to creating trust with customers, you can anticipate this trend to continue. Buyers persist to show interest in understanding what ingredients will obtain them the outcomes they want. Researching for ingredients that satisfy those claims is on the rise. As we arise from the pandemic, buyers need more genuine, inclusive, and sustainable beauty products.

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